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Welcome to ENVIS School - the home of joy and dreams!

Hi everyone, I would love to briefly introduce myself to you. My name is Tra my Nguyen, but I am often called by the lovely name Camellia-the flower that I am really into. I am now working as Training Director at ENVIS School and main lecturer in IELTS courses. I always take my pride in teaching at ENVIS where working environment is flexible, but professional and particularly, students prove to be very diligent, proactive and sociable. Noticeably, teachers are carefully selected and well –trained in accordance with the distinctive standards of the center. The ongoing dedication coupled with relentless endeavors of our teachers set us apart from other language centers. They are the ones who create informative, practical lessons which greatly appeal to students of all levels. Our teachers are always wonderful companions of students in their achievement of language goals as well as the fulfillment of hands-on skills.

I was inspired to be a teacher when I was in primary school. However, at that time, I dreamt of becoming a lecturer in Literature because I found Literature quite enjoyable in comparison to other subjects of equal importance. I never thought I would be an English teacher since it used to be an obsession for me in my secondary school. Accidentally, I realized my potentials in English when I was in high school. I was officially selected to be an MC in English among 200 students for an Olympic contest held by my school. From that event, I have invested a great deal of time in studying English with the hope of mastering this beautiful language. In particular, I sincerely hope that I could help a lot of students or learners who have struggled to study English to find the proper methods and achieve their goals.

I always bear in mind the famous saying “Success is a journey, not a destination”. Undeniably, results are what people want to attain, but the road to success which is full of tears, sweat, and pain is more appreciated. Therefore, whoever you will be, whatever you want to do, just take pride in what you achieved in each period of lifetime

I have a strong desire for traveling and exploring every corner of the world. I would love to bring cultural as well as real -life experience into each lecture.  Therefore, students are not only taught academic knowledge but also given opportunities to approach thrilling cultures worldwide. This is apparently useful for them in this dynamic global economy which requires a deep mutual respect and understanding.

The biggest gift life bestows me is to become a teacher who embraces a very crucial mission.  This mission is known as sharing knowledge, bringing the whole world to each lecture, inspiring, nurturing potentials, developing talents and especially, offering better preparation for students’ future career.

Thank you indeed!

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