Ms. Hải Yến - IELTS English Teacher

Hello guys, I’m Yen, English teacher at BBC English center. I believe we all have a calling in life and I can say with my heart that I have a sincere desire of becoming a good English teacher. My passion for teaching English paved a way for me to graduate Bachelor’s degree in University of Languages and International Studies at National University, Hanoi.

Knowing the need to keep learning in order to provide quality education to the learners, I pursued Master of English Teaching methodology to increase my knowledge and skills in teaching English.I have been taught and trained not to be just a teacher but to be an excellent English teacher. We all know learning English is not a piece of cake but I am thoroughly convinced that if there is a good cooperation between teachers and students, learning goals can be achieved easily.

Each student possesses immeasurable potentials which need to be discovered and developed by a patient and discerning teacher.Having been teaching English over 4 years, I always do my bestto stretch my patience and put myself in our students' shoes to meet their unique needs. I am proud to have helped many studentsattain English and academic success. Undoubtedly, there is no more precious gift to a teacher thanto see students in progress every day.

Teaching English feels tailor-made for me. No matter how difficult it is, I know now that I will do it until I can no longer physically stand up and teach. So come and join BBC now! I can't wait to study with you!

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